Charity Baker is a former wardrobe and fashion stylist who realized that her early love for Vogue Magazine when she was just 8 years old had more to do with the imagery inside than the fashion. She used to snap behind the scenes photos on her shoots and a couple of her photography clients and friends urged her to start shooting herself. Charity then enrolled herself in the photography program at Glendale College and some Armory Pasadena classes to learn more where she amassed so much knowlege from professional commercial photographers and artists alike. She also continued her studies in Art History that she started years back. This combined with her time at Fashion school gives her the ability to approach each project with a unique vision and a myriad of inspirations collected over years.

Baker focuses on portraiture as well as urban landscape, shooting film as well as with digital cameras. She also is partner in Charity and David Photography (wedding, engagement and family) and is available for retouching as well.

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